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Investing in real estate notes is one of the safest and most profitable investments that exists. It provides high rates of returns, monthly income and the security and safety of real estate.

No matter what the Stock Market is doing, investing in real estate notes is an excellent investment. Even in today's slow economy, real estate notes are a "recession proof" investment. Real estate is one of the hottest investments in the nation. Why? The bottom line is that real estate notes are backed by property, insuring them as a safe and profitable investment. Keep in mind that all investments are at risk, but your risks are substantially reduced if you know what to look for, especially when you invest in real estate notes.

That is why banks and insurance companies all across America are big investors in real estate notes. Think about it, how else do you think they can afford all those huge buildings that rise out of the landscape of major American cities? Those corporate giants realize that the return on their investment in real estate notes is at least 15%, and often more. That's better than the average return of 12% in the stock markets, especially with the recent shake up on Wall Street.

As a note investor you can become the "Bank" because just like a real bank, you collect the payments both on principal and interest. Have you ever looked at an Amortization Table and seen the potential of compound interest you could be earning? With typical returns of 15% or more per year, it's easy to see why Banks and Insurance Companies invest in Real Estate Notes. So why shouldn't you to?

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We suggest you consider investing in Tax Liens where returns of 16% to 24%+ are common.

Much like investing in real estate notes, it doesn't matter if stocks go up or down...

You can earn a safe, predictable, and secure interest rate of 16%, 18%, 24%, even up to 50% investing in tax lien certificates.

Authors and Financial Experts Robert G Allen "Multiple Streams of Income" (and many others) and Robert Kiyosaki of the "Rich Dad Poor Dad" series invest some of their money in tax lien certificates...

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