Reasons Why People Sell Their Notes

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Why Sell
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Why People Sell Income Streams

There are 3 basic reasons why people and businesses sell their income streams.

Access To Cash

We believe that individuals and companies should have immediate access to their cash when they want it. If they no longer want to worry about liquidity issues, collection hassles, or the financial strength of the person who owes the debt, then selling the note or income stream make perfect sense.

Money Today Is Worth More Than Money In The Future:
You donít have to be an economic genius to understand the time value of money. Realize that as time passes, the buying power of your money is less and less. Turning your notes into cash today, rather than waiting for those payments to come in month after month or for years is a sound business decision. Also keep in mind that note holders are at risk of not receiving their monthly payments if the Payor defaults. This risk is eliminated when they decide to sell their note and receive a lump sum of cash now.

People need or want access to their cash for a variety of reasons such as to:

  • Pay off credit cards or other debts
  • Buy a house
  • Purchase a new car
  • Pay for medical care
  • Start or expand a business
  • Pay for college or private schools
  • Take a dream vacation
  • Pay for a wedding

Businesses often need access to more cash for reasons such as:

  • Funding growth plans
  • Meeting payroll
  • Increasing inventory
  • Paying off taxes
  • Taking advantage of vendor discounts

Interest or Yield

People will sell their income streams, because they know that with a lump sum of CASH in hand TODAY, they can start earning a HIGHER interest or yield. It doesn't take a "brain surgeon" to know that by investing a lump sum of money today, they will net a higher return than by trickling a small amount of money into that same investment every month.


Inflation eats away at the future value or "buying power" of money. You can buy more with a dollar today than you will be able to five, ten, or even twenty years from now. Quite simply, money today is worth more than money tomorrow. People will sell their income streams because they realize that over time, the payments they receive will drop in real value. By selling all or part of your note or income stream you can have your cash in hand, often in a few weeks, instead of waiting for those payments to trickle in month after month.


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